‘The N J Edwards Hub (formerly known as the Signature Building) is taking shape. Years of planning and preparations are coming together as this visionary facility is being realised. We invite you to Take Your Seat in the N J Edwards Hub, the heart of our community, a place where we can all come together to create, share and celebrate what matters.’

Dr Rob McEwan ()

Principal, Dr Rob McEwan with students. Photo: Joshua Lamont.

The building design is complete, and we have successfully reached our MYM (Phase 1) target of $15 million, we are now focused on receiving our development application approval and commencing Stage 1 of construction.

At the centre of this vision is the N J Edwards Hub — an inspiring, multi-purpose facility that will carry the spirit of the School through generations of Hutchins students to come. This is an opportunity for us all to make a lasting contribution that will become an integral part of every student’s Hutchins experience.

It is not too late to make your mark. Please join us as we look to the future with great optimism and enthusiasm as we play our part in building on the founding vision of this school — to nurture character in students who act with kindness, humility, respect and courage.

Dr Rob McEwan

Rob McEwan
Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub entrance foyer
Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub entrance foyer

Building the future heart of our community

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We are all blessed to be a part of this wonderful community and now is our moment to secure the future for the next generation of students. Our efforts are gaining momentum.

Contact the Advancement Office on +61 3 6221 4310 or advancement@hutchins.tas.edu.au to find out more about how you can support the Make Your Mark Campaign and the opportunities it will provide.

MYM raised to date

$20,692,663 (including Take Your Seat)

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Take Your Seat raised

$177,216 (96 seats sold)

The central feature of the N J Edwards Hub will be an auditorium capable of congregating the entire school, complemented by facilities for indoor sports.

Taking advantage of the latest technology and design, this world-class facility will be a hub not only for the students of the School, but for parents, carers, Old Boys, friends and the wider community.

Other features will include:

  • Entrance foyer, displaying artworks and memorabilia
  • Indoor swimming pool (Stage 3)
  • Basketball/badminton/volleyball courts
  • Weights and cardio rooms
  • Flexible learning spaces
  • Parking space for 120 cars (Stage 3)
  • Tunnel under Nelson Road to connect the Senior School and Middle School (Stage 2)
  • A home for the Hutchins School Old Boys’ Association and The Hutchins School Parents’ Association

The N J Edwards Hub will be open to members of the greater Hutchins community. It will be operated on a commercially-sustainable basis, via both a membership and fee-for-service model, with the aim of becoming a profitable endeavour for the School.

This is a bold vision, and we are seeking your help as we embark on this exciting next phase.

Our vision

The N J Edwards Hub will be a multi-purpose facility to inspire Hutchins students for the future. The excellence and ambition of its design, along with the scope and variety of its many spaces, will make an emphatic statement that we are a leading school for students.

Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub Nelson Road entrance
Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub Nelson Road entrance

Students need and respond to the challenges of healthy physical activity.

We know that when our students are encouraged to participate fully in a wide range of activities, their educational outcomes improve and their overall wellbeing is enhanced.

With its focus on active participation in sport and recreation, the N J Edwards Hub will open many opportunities for our students to engage more deeply with these key aspects of their broader education.

Artist’s impression, indoor pool facility
Artist’s impression, indoor pool facility

Active body, healthy mind

Our Vision is to provide an inspirational education where each student strives to achieve their personal best and is willing to serve their community as an informed and active citizen.

Tom Windsor (’99). Photo: Joshua Lamont.
Tom Windsor (’99)

‘At Hutchins, I embraced an active and engaged life. I’ve since learnt the importance of action for my own wellbeing and the power it has to engage a community. I’m excited to hear about the N J Edwards Hub and support the creation of such a positive environment for young men and the benefits it will bring to our community.’

Tom Windsor (’99), Managing Director at Coverall Security and Movember campaigner (Mobart MO Bros)

A space to gather.

At the heart of our vision is an auditorium capable of congregating the entire school, as well as facilities for indoor sports.

Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub auditorium
Artist’s impression, N J Edwards Hub auditorium
Junior school students. Photo: Joshua Lamont.
Dr Charles Haward (’11). Photo: Joshua Lamont.
Dr Charles Haward (’11)

‘I was lucky enough to be the beneficiary of a scholarship at Hutchins. I look forward to giving back to this wonderful community that has afforded me so many opportunities.’

Dr Charles Haward (’11), P H Rockett Scholarship recipient and Registrar, Royal Hobart Hospital

Athletics, 1958
Athletics, 1958

What you do matters.

A worthy investment

Since 1846, our school has valued the generous support of benefactors. Over those 175 years, people have celebrated what Hutchins means for them and for their families through direct endowments to the School.

The School has used those gifts to build on the strong foundations of the past and to plan ahead to excellence in education for the future. The N J Edwards Hub will meet the needs of the School community for many years to come. In its scope and vision, it represents transformative change for the next generation of students.

Our spirit is strong and we ask you to join us to build the future heart of the School, together.

The Make Your Mark Campaign offers many opportunities for members of the wider school community to be involved in the fundraising efforts that will underpin the establishment of our N J Edwards Hub.

The School recognises the social and environmental global challenges we all face. As a consequence, our decisions around building infrastructure and operations more broadly will be guided by the School’s sustainability framework. This will include consideration of sustainable, ethical sourcing of products and materials, and our movement towards net carbon neutral emissions.